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Now, I know I promised someone that I'd update this journal more--if only to prove that I'm still shuffling along this mortal coil...

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Finally started updating stories again. *pulls out hair*


Because I'm a huge procrastinator in all elements of life, I read the articles on CollegeHumor. There's this one article, "Dating, It's Complicated", where people send in their wacky, funny, and embarrassing stories for the internet community to read.

The thing that got me today is that there's this one girl said that, for her and her boyfriend's one year anniversary, her boyfriend got her a bag of donut holes.

Best. Boyfriend. EVER. Am I right?

Feb. 14th, 2010

I've been suffering through a raging, violent bout of writer's block. The muses are cheating on me with the fandom-across-the-street, my attention span is shot, and everytime I sit down to go ahead and write something, someone calls me to go do something else. Blah. Just blah.

...I'm working on it. *hides*

Good news: new fandoms! But why aren't there more Ironman/Spiderman crossovers, fandoms? Why?! 

Maybe I should write one. NO. 



Eight thousand more words. *dies*


Title: Agnus Dei (1/?)
Author: [info]narukyu
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairing: Dean/Castiel, Sam. Later- Anna, Zachariah, Bobby, and Lucifer
Rating: R
Spoilers: 5x01 (Comic Con clip)
Warnings: Slash, blasphemy, bloodletting/drinking, language
Word Count: WIP
Summary: Lucifer has escaped and now Dean has to fight him. Isn’t he a lucky bastard?
Disclaimer: Supernatural is the property of Kripke, the CW, and countless others. Do not own, do not profit. 

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...just watched Ten Inch Hero. Jensen Ackles is made of pure awesome. <3


Thinking Is Dangerous--Do Not Try At Home

Been thinking about the kind of force it would stake to shove a stake into someone's chest. REALLY thinking. I mean, the ribcage is built to protect the inner organs, right? Granted, the design's a little faulty--I'd have made the ribs a solid, unmoving mass, but, hey, there's evolution for ya. But it works well enough. And vampires have ribcages too. Right?

A slayer's a slayer. She has the power to jab that pointy thing into vamps, etc etc. But people, normal people--could they have the power to stick an often blunt slip of wood into a heart protected by flesh and bone? Not physical power. I have faith in humanity as a brutish, forceful species. I mean the emotional/mental ability to handle doing such a thing. Xander had enough of a mind whammy, what with his first staking being one of his best friends and all, but I wonder if staking something, killing something with nothing more than wood and force, would have more of a psychological effect than is explored in either the series or fandom. We know Faith cracks when the stakee turns out to be human, but could someone else have the same reaction, but with a vamp?

Another thought--Do vampires get osteoporosis?


A. I am a fan of the Resident Evil game series as well as a fan of the Resident Evil books. I am NOT a fan of the Resident Evil movies. Boo, directors, boo. If the movie resembles canon, it's accidental. And Alice is totally a Mary Sue.

B. There is something clucking outside of my window. I think it's a bird but, every time I look out, there's nothing. Creepy.

C. I think Rick Gomez looks like a darker version of Jensen Ackles. I think it's the hair.

D. I've been mindlessly petting this mass of fur huddled on my knee for the last twenty minutes, but I was unaccountably startled when I actually looked and saw my cat blinking up at me. My cat's, like, ninja.

There. Now I feel better. :D


Ah, April Fools. The day of ill intentioned pranks, rearranged keyboard keys, and randomly placed plastic pests. I prefer the green and pinching of St. Patrick's Day, thank you very much- but, then again, I'm part Irish so I'm a bit biased. Forgive me. My appreciation of this lovely holiday is severely hampered by both the ungodly time I had to get up and by a cell phone conversation I just overheard. Neither, sadly, were jokes.

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