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Yell A Little Louder

The neighbors down the street didn't hear you

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I'm a full time college student from California. My hobbies tend toward reading and writing, though I can zone out in front of the TV with the best of them. My purpose here with my journal- instead of lurking like I usually do- is mostly for fandom and fanfiction. I like reading fanfiction and I hope someone enjoys reading what I have to write.
I have little to no experience with fanfiction writing, save for what I have already done. I have some of my stuff up on Twisting the Hellmouth. I don't mind criticism, as long as it's not aimed to offend. Constructive would be nice.

WARNING: This journal belongs to a slash fan. Stop, turn around, and back away slowly.


UPDATE: Now uploading/linking stories to the journal narukyu_fic. This journal will now be my grumble/rant/bitch/pine journal.
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